Hey, hello.

I am Anirudha    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

My work style makes me oscillate between two selves - on one end, I think deeply about humans, their emotions, their desires - akin more to a poet and a philosopher. On another end, I think like a mathematician, thinking about the right tech framework, software architecture and user interface. My end goal is always to build spaces/products that have empathy engineered into them. They are able to translate a fundamental insight about human beings to a solid tech product people love to use. 

I am an Architect and like to develop computational tools and visualize ideas. I love developing spaces/products that that engage people. I am currently a engaged in critical inter-relationship between architecture, computation and visual media presentation. 




ARPM + Shapediver | 2021

Computational designer | Architect

​Developing customized BIM workflows through grasshopper, Developing parametric scripts for cloud applications and online workflows. Designing and producing computationally generated drawings for manufacturing and assembly.

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FAB visuals | 2020


Co-founder of visualisation firm "FAB visuals". Studio provides photorealistic visualisations, services extended from complex 3d modelling to post production videography. Currently the studio has its presence in Australia, Europe and India.


Rat[Lab], (Remote) | 2020

Computational design consultant

Remote computational consultant, contributed in research and development of computational toolkit (grasshopper script + plugin devp.) for design and analysis of stadiums.
Key Projects - Stadium Design


JDS Architects, Copenhagen | 2019



Works with Julien De Smedt include intensive conceptualization, designing and detailing process of building and their iterations. (Competitions and commissions)
I mostly dealt with initial design iterations and visualisations.

Key Projects - Residential tower, Rennes  |  Apartment villa, Brussels.


Vastu Shilpa Consultants, Ahmedabad  | Sangath | 2018

Architecture assistant

Internship with 2018 pritzker laureate B.V.Doshi. 
Roles revolved around constructing parametric model for 3d printed shell dome for Nalanda library, development and GFC drawings for Flame university and IIM Udaipur.

Key Projects - Flame University, Pune  |  IIM Udaipur | Nalanda University.


WEsearch Lab, Delhi | 2016

Architecture Intern

Worked with Ar. Joy Mondal, grasped parametric tools and explored application of automated multi-objective optimization techniques on architectural discourse. 


Best Design project (mass housing)

BSOA Institute award | 2018

Annual NASA Design competition

National winner | 2017

Nari Gandhi trophy

National winner | 2016

Architecture Quotient

4th runner-up (National) | 2016

NASA industrial design

Shortlisted in top 10 | 2015


Computational design workshop

Tutor | 2020

Audio-visual storytelling

Participant | 2017

International workshop on smart cities - Mobility and Infrastructure

Delegate | 2016

Computational design

Participant | 2015


Member | 2015



3D modelling + Drafting

Rhino + Grasshopper, Revit

ArchiCad, AutoCad, SketchUp


Vray, Lumion, Blender, KeyShot

Post production

Adobe creative suite

Scripting | Basic

Python, C#

HTML, P5.js