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Game - Galactic Island

Type - Mixed Media (Game)
Year - 2020


Spacial 3d modelling in Unity exploring parametric modelling, texturing and animation to be experienced as a gameplay. 
Partner - Tammy Shane


Softwares - Unity 3D, Grasshopper, Rhino, Make Human, Photoshop, Vray 

The idea behind this Unity game design is that the “player” is on an intergalactic self enlightenment journey. The game universe contains three different solid galaxy island: cold ice, hot lava, and rocky earth; and a space time maze, which is always in flux. The player can explore the 3 different small islands floating amidst the space time maze.

Play Now (Only on desktop version)

WASD for Movements     |     Press "F" to fly!     |     Hold "shift" to sprint/ fly faster 

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